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Monday, October 6, 2014 - 10:00am

A.D. White House, Cornell University

Space is very limited; therefore pre-registration is required. Since the goal is to have a true discussion-driven atmosphere, there is a set of touchstone texts participants are  expected to read before the workshop.
To register for the workshop and gain access to the pdf-readings, please email Alexis Boyce: 



Theodor Adorno, "Commitment" and "On Lyric Poetry and Society"in Notes to Literature

John Akomfrah, The Stuart Hall Project (2013) --film (first hour)

Walter Benjamin, "Critique of Violence," in Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings, ed. Demetz, New York, 1978, pp.277-300

W. E. B. Du Bois Black Reconstruction (from 1935), chapters 1-3;

Denise Ferreira da Silva Toward a Global Idea of Race, U Minnesota Press, 2007 (Preface and Chapter 8)

C. L. R. James "Lectures on The Black Jacobins" (from 1971), reprinted in Small Axe 8, Sept. 2000, pp. 65-112

--------,"Whitman and Melville"

-------, "Abraham Lincoln: The 150th Anniversary of his Birth"

David Lloyd "Rethinking National Marxism: James Connolly and 'Celtic Communism'" in his Irish Times: Temporalities of Modernity

Georg Lukacs, "The Old Culture and the New Culture" in Marxism and Human Liberation  [also in Telos 5(1970)]

Karl Marx, Capital v. 1 "The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret Thereof"

Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2013, Éditions du Seuil; Harvard U Press, 2014), "Introduction," pp. 1-35; from Chapter 16, the section "Economic Transparency and Democratic Control of Capital," pp. 569-570; and "Conclusion," pp. 571-577

Carl Schmitt, Theory of the Partisan, Telos Press, New York, 2007, 3-95

Mao Tse-tung, " On New Democracy"

Mao Zedong, A Critique of Soviet Economics, Monthly Review Press, New York, 1977, pp.33-147

Raúl Zurita, triptych of poems titled "Auschwitz" 


Writings by Participants

Nahum Chandler, Toward an African Future -- Of the Limit of World (pp. 59-92)

Grant Farred, "Wretchedness" in Living Fanon, Nigel Gibson ed. (Columbia UP 2011)

Robert Kaufman, "Poetry after 'Poetry after Auschwitz'" in Art and Aesthetics after Adorno ed. Cascardi  (University of California Press, 2010), 116-181.

Amy Villarejo, "Adorno's Antennas" in Ethereal Queer (Duke UP, 2014)

Gary Wilder, "Here/Hear Now Aimé Césaire!" SAQ (forthcoming)

Haiping Yan, "My Dream: The Intermedial Turn in Contemporary Chinese Performing Arts" Diacritics 2(2013)

Xudong Zhang, "Political Philosophy and Comparison: Bourgeois Identity and the Narrative of the Universal" Boundary 2 (Summer 2005)

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