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The Institute for Comparative Modernities seeks to provide greater opportunities for graduate students from across the campus to engage each other through interdisciplinary and collaborative research working groups. To that end, the Institute provides meeting space as well as seed money for the establishment and the maintenance of a small number of graduate student research working groups each year.

Proposal Guidelines

The Institute for Comparative Modernities invites proposals that include a 500-word statement of intent, a bibliography, and a list of the names and departmental affiliations of the proposed group members, along with the curriculum vitae of each participant. Cross-disciplinarity must be an integral part of both the design of the research proposal and the composition of the group; applications from groups composed of members from a single department will not be approved. We imagine most groups will consist of six to eight members. A minimum of six members is required to be eligible for the subvention. This program, which is announced annually, provides both a subvention of $1,000 that can be used for books, copying, and/or bringing outside speakers to campus, as well as a comfortable, even congenial, meeting space at the ICM, housed in the Toboggan Lodge. We expect the sustained collaboration to culminate in a public presentation (oral or written) at the end of the award year. The subvention covers one year, but renewal may be possible under certain circumstances. It is likely that academic year 2017–18 will see four to five awards.

Proposal Submissions

Please include all of the following as part of a single PDF document:

• 500-word statement of intent
• Bibliography
• List of the names, departmental affiliations, and e-mail addresses of the proposed group members, along with the curriculum vitae of each participant

Submit proposals to Alexis Boyce, ICM program coordinator:

Deadline: Friday, April 28, 2017

Notifications will be sent out the week of May 15, 2017.